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a Christmas Republican Candidate for West Virginia's U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District Seat, Susan Buchser-Lochocki is here to pave the way to change in the lives of our families and to bring back the American dream. Here you will find everything you need to know about Buchser-Lochocki, how she got her start in politics, as well as issues that she is deeply concerned with, and how you too can join her causes. ❤💃🇺🇸 Social media: Facebook (All are open to the public. Personal, Presidential, Congress), Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Ballotpedia (I filled out their questionnaire, check it out.) LinkedIn eventually, and my ART website: www.n-art.ch 

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Time for Change

Children Sledding in Snow


Susan Buchser-Lochocki is passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the USA. After seeing so many families/single moms especially struggling, it shouldn't be like this, we can do a lot better... Education, support and some lifestyle changes and bingo... kids and families can thrive.

Lochocki says, "Parenting (mothering) is a full time job, it's a career choice, it needs to be PAID, only then we will see a change in society." She continues, " Currently we have overworked parents or ones without proper training who are parenting as a hobby. A lot of these parents dont have the luxury to "stay at home" to raise their children, and we have seen the results, every day sadly, in the news with yet another school shooting, or more drug addiction and other reckless behavior. 

Children need a home, a HAPPY HOME with two loving adults around to nurture them to grow into well rounded adults." 

School Bus & Children


This particular issue has been gaining coverage all over the USA. "...but, it's time to stop discussing it and do the changes, the tough work and change this broken, out dated system we call the USA educational system." Says Susan Buchser-Lochocki.

"Not everyone needs to go to college."

And continues, "The hands on, "learning by doing" approach to a fulfilling career is working well all over Europe. Instead of kids being in debt by the time they are 18 years old, these kids have enough money in the bank to go on vacations with their friends and pay for it themselves because they did a kind of work-study program, where they earned money while learning their trade. (I should mention this program is a big help to small businesses too.)"
Lochocki goes on to say,  

"GREED is NOT GOOD, and it doesn't belong in our educational system."

"We need to move to a more Apprenticeship style of education, there are so many benefits, the stress of transitioning to work/a job disappears with this educational approach." she says,
"less stress equals, LESS SHOOTINGS, It's just a WIN - WIN for ALL." 

Lochocki is pushing for change, and is doing everything she can to see a brighter future for ALL OUR CHILDREN.



The single biggest pollutant FOUND EVERYWHERE on the planet; they are in lakes, rivers, beaches, in parking lots, sidewalks, streets and even in your own yard sometimes are... cigarette butts, or better the filters from them. They get eaten by wildlife and choke our waters till the fish die off.

...and are also the leading cause of forest fires. It happens when people toss them out of a moving car's window while they are still burning.

"I'm writing this here, to bring awareness to this very human caused problem, I dont think people are aware of the problems caused by cigarettes butts, and the solution is so simple," Lochocki says,

"Use an ashtray."

"If you smoke its anyways an expensive habit, so you have the money to invest in an ashtray, for your car or for the beach."

She says, "PLEASE, just use an ashtray."

It's for your safety, my safety and for mother nature too...  THANK YOU ❤

Susan Buchser-Lochocki is proud to support and push for change throughout the community on this topic. This is a very serious issue we need to stop the pollution, in the air and on the ground.



Dont forget to THANK YOUR MOTHERS this Mother's Day...
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THANKS MOMS! You are number 1 in my book.



Born in California, at Travis Air Force Base in 1965 to a Polish Catholic Middle-Class Republican Family during the Civil Rights Movement, 2nd Wave of Feminism, Man on the Moon, Woodstock, Vietnam & Cold Wars. She lived on Guam a US territory (where Americans day begins) a Brownie, in 1976 the USA celebrated its Bicentennial, Girl Scout in Rochester, NY. Graduated from Pittsford Sutherland HS 1984. 

Buchser-Lochocki recieved an Illustration BFA, from Parsons School of Design/The New School For Social Research, NYC, 1988. Was a struggling Artist until the 90s, switched to Banking got her Series 7 & 63 Licenses.

Moved to Switzerland and Married 1999, started a family, sadly had and lost a son, in 2000.  Then their daughter Jessica was born in 2001, sadly in 2005 she was diagnosed with Childhood Leukemia, relapsing at 7, at 10 she finished treatment. Today Jessica is happy & healthy at 20. 

Buchser-Lochocki volunteered in various roles at Mom and Women's clubs and sat on many Executive Boards for the last 20+ years. Business owner, Activist & Author, Past President of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Basel, Switzerland. Current Member of FAWCO & American Womans Club Zurich, Dadaist, Philanthropist, Past Member of Zurich International Women's Association & Organizer of their "English around the world" week long Day Camp for kids.

Past 2020 U.S. Presidental Candidate.

Why West Virginia? She decided to let the "country roads" bring her home. Buchser- Lochocki says, "There are reasons... one is it's similar in size to Switzerland and geography, it's got snow and mountains too; plus the John Denver song is heard on the mountain tops all over Switzerland every day. That means when my daughter is out with her friends, when she hears THAT SONG, she will think of me, because thats where her mom lives,  hahaha...

Oh, the things we do for our children to think of us." ❤

Now divorced, she lives in Morgantown, WV, with her two dogs Penelope and Mini Mouse. 

There is more too, but lets stop here for now, you now have the main highlights.
Thanks for reading...😊💃

Please explore the site to find out more about Susan Buchser-Lochocki and her vision for change.

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Dear West Virginia,
It was a pleasure meeting a lot of you hearing your issues, and trying to think of solutions with you and with others. 
As you can see from the photo my campaign headquarters is looking like a disaster I need to get back to work on my paperwork.
But before I do, I want to say thank you so much for being you and for your support.
The longer I live here in this state the more I FALL IN LOVE WITH IT and THE PEOPLE HERE, I am looking forward to future endeavors with you. Although Alex Mooney won the Republican primary and I wish him Good Luck. I do not exactly follow his platform. I will continue to push forward with my platform as best I can...
Check back periodically to see what's going on or check on social media sites to see what my future plans are.
Thank you again to my supporters...
Best wishes to all.❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸👍Susan B 



156 Canyon Vlg
Morgantown, Monongalia County 26508


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